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Content Management

Website content is critical for search engine optimization.  Having search engine rankings for targeted search terms is vital to any business.  In addition, quality, well-written product/service descriptions can give your website a healthy edge against your competition.  Today’s consumer relies on the internet to provide in-depth information on just about any subject they can think of.

Don’t you want them to have all the information they need on your website offers instead of wavering to another website? It is important that your e-commerce site is easy to find and easy to understand.

Content Management: $25.00 hourly rate

I can offer the following Web Content Management services to help your business shine above the rest online:

  • Product descriptions and content that is original, well-researched, on-topic and search engine friendly
  • Basic HTML
  • Link building
  • WordPress content management
  • Content HTML formatting
  • Photo management on website, WordPress, and blogs
  • Information pages and category content formatting
  • Keyword phrases used in content that flows for the reader
  • Improved ranking in the SERP’s (search engine results pages)
  • Google rank tracking
  • Greater volume of visitors hitting your website
  • More narrowly targeted traffic leads to higher sales conversion rates
  • Developing a new customer base while re-marketing to your existing one

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